are we?

With a love for crafted home decoration designs and the power of perfumes, My French Concession was founded by Parisian born Solveig de Fontgalland who lived in Shanghai’s former French Concession from 2004 to 2014 and currently based in Singapore.

My French Concession as a nod to the place where inspiration started to infuse, a nod amongst others…

MY FRENCH CONCESSION is also a nod to

  • The alchemy created by the encounter of European and Asian traditional know-hows and talented craft-men which are behind each product developed by the founder.
  • The unique soul of a brand, aggregate of influences coming from different cultures, yet continuously reinventing itself, just as Shanghai is.
  • Fun, love for surprise and off the wall mindset which guides the spirit of the brand just like the way Solveig experienced the city while she lived in Shanghai.

The collections are developed based on Solveig’s personal firm favourites: she develops lifestyle products that she wants for herself before making them available to the most of people.

Products are developed by skilled artisans using traditional know how and best quality materials respectful of our planet.

They resonate with the current trend of wellness by creating blissful moments with simple rituals enhancing our everyday life.